Wednesday, October 7, 2015

--even supposing--

Casting aside the too-obvious gap, which is to say, of course, the five year gap between the hmonley retweet and the newest work the (e)tern(ally) anonymous toughy, there remains a more subtle gap: the omission of what one must suppose.

Rather than interpret the supposition contextually within its tweet, as a reference to what the recurring Job and the newly introduced Ruth can do "with/out," we propose in this entry a narrow framework: the author suggests that we, the hypocrite reader, precisely, are even supposing.

It is clear that we are supposing: supposing the role of Toughy, supposing a hidden narrative is brewing in our tale. But the author wants rather to emphasize that we are even supposing, which is to say, that our supposition is not enough, which is to say, acknowledging the supposition, and extending, rebutting, something else, something beyond.

Collapsing into poetry, the even supposing is set off by that harshest of punctuatory gaps: the hyphen, the gap beyond the gap. And what is left unsaid is also left unfinished: is this the end? --even commencing--